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Our family has been active in the production of party supplies (costumes, wigs and hats), for nearly 50 years.
In 2007 a collection of Halloween and party accessories was added, to allow us to offer a one-stop shopping service to our customers.
TWilbers Logohe explosive growth of our company, has made us one of the leading suppliers in Europe.
Our excellent service, our delivery, after sales and the quality of our products, is highly appreciated by our customers. Wilbers Karnaval BV is striving to differentiate itself through a number of disciplines:


    Wilbers ServiceCustomer service and support is among our top priorities. We keep large stocks (i.e. up to 85 % of our collection can be delivered up to one week before Carnival) and are able to provide our customers with an up to date status of our stock position.
    Wilbers Karnaval annualy carries out numerous tests, to ensure our collection is in accordance with the strictest safety standards.

    Wilbers CollectionEvery year Wilbers Karnaval develops a new, contemporary collection. Around 250 new costumes are presented during the annual Toy Fair in Nuremberg (Germany) and at the NEC Spring Fair in Birmingham (UK).
    Supplementary to our costume collection we also continue to source and develop new products and concepts within our extensive range of  hats, wigs, Halloween props and party accessories. Like our costumes these are presented during trade fairs, on our web-shop and in our annually renewed catalogues.

    Wilbers ProductieThe mass majority of our products is produced under our own supervision. In order to be able to supply on demand, we are manufacturing to stock / prediction, rather then to order.
    The integral link between our establishment in Helmond and our production facilities in Northern Africa is fully automated and ensures a direct and swift communication. Allowing us to act instantly on new trends and customised wishes of our customers.


    Wilbers LogistiekOur logistics department operates fast and efficient and ships out all customer orders in the shortest possible time scale. Orders received before 12 o’clock noon, are processed that same day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you would have any special packaging demands as we are pleased to put your requirements into practice, wherever possible !
    All part of our higly valued, unique customer service.

    Wilbers VerkoopNeedless to say our sales team is multilingual and always willingly to assist you with any inquries that you may have. We have the systems in place to provide you with accurate status up-dates on our stock position and production. Would you like to set your eyes on our collection and become convinced of our high quality standards and substantial choice?
    We are pleased to invite you to our showroom and provide you with the full information.

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Wilbers Karnaval BV
Hooibeemd 1 - 5705 DD Helmond
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)492 - 509 888
Fax +31 (0)492 - 509 889

Wilbers Germany

Wilbers Karnaval Deutschland GmbH
Siegburger Strasse 215
50679 Köln - Germany



Hooibeemd 1
NL-5705 DD Helmond
The Netherlands

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